Finding The Best iPhone Repair Options In Jacksonville, FL

Iphone Repair

If your iPhone has slipped out of your pocket you’re probably looking at a cracked iPhone screen and wondering how expensive it’s going to be to get it repaired, and how long you’re going to have to survive without your Candy Crush fix. This is a constant problem for any smartphone user in this day and age and luckily there are several different options to consider in terms of a broken iPhone screen. For example, if you wanted you could take it to the closest Jacksonville Apple Retail location however Apple is notorious for making it hard to fix individual hardware issues on your device. So you’re only choice would be to trade in your phone for a slightly discounted refurbished device. This tends to annoy most customers as they usually only need something minor fixed such as a cracked front display, or unresponsive home button. Being forced to get a totally new device seems like a really un-necessary step to the average iPhone.

Third party repair services have sprung up in most major cities to satisfy the need for a faster repair service that minimizes inconvenience and makes for a painless experience. Like most modern electronic devices, iPhone’s can be disassembled and there are plenty of tutorials and replacement components available online, so it’s a relatively easy market to get into. The real issue for consumers becomes finding the best balance between quality and convenience. For a typical iPhone 5 screen repair job, you’re looking at $60-120 depending on your device model depending on which Jacksonville iPhone repair shop you take it to. Furthermore, these are such common repairs that the process itself should take no longer than one hour. In order to keep up with competition many shops around Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra are now offering express service and some even come on-site to get it done right in front of you for a premium fee. Businesses are dependent on their iPhone in many cases, perhaps as a mobile payment processor, so service perks like this have become quite popular.

Our best recommendation is to avoid the lowest cost providers as this is usually a sign they are using lower quality iPhone LCD digitizers. Apple doesn’t allow their manufacturers to make components for anyone else so any high quality replica’s usually cost a bit more. As with most technology investments, paying more for quality and peace of mind upfront usually saves you from problems down the road.

The Top Website Builders for Beginners

The Top Website Builders for Beginners

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the news: Setting up a website that not only looks great but also provides everything your visitors could possibly need no longer means shelling out thousands to a professional design.

Nor does it mean wading through pages of complicated code and investing countless hours to learn the ins and outs of web design.

Since the rise of online website builders, anyone with a few hours and even the tightest of budgets to spend can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful, functional website, with none of the technical headaches.

Indeed, it’s this lack of any need for technical knowledge that makes these site builders such popular options for those looking to develop their first website. If you can put together a Powerpoint presentation, chances are you’re already equipped with all the expertise you’ll need together a first class site that really impresses your visitors.

The Top Website Builders for Beginners

Just getting started and looking for the best website builder for a beginner like you? Here’s a few of our favourites.


Weebly might not pack quite the punch of other similar platforms, yet in that respect, it’s somewhat limited resources make it an ideal pick for those taking their first tentative steps into designing their own websites.

It’s clean, simple interface is a breeze to navigate, whilst it’s free website templates can be completely customized within just a few clicks, and the drag-and-drop function makes adding everything from maps to online stores as easy as you could ever hope for.

A lot of this is absolutely free, giving you the opportunity to play around and experiment before settling on a design that works for you. That said, paid options are available, offering you additional extras such as added functionality and the ability to upload files greater than 10MB in size.

If you’re completely new to the game, Weebly is a great place to learn the ropes and is no harder to learn than WordPress!


No review of top website builders would be complete without a mention of Wix, and for good reason.

Though it may have been Wix’s seemingly omnipresent marketing that drew scores of would be website builders to it in the first place, it’s the platforms ease-of-use and vast number of editable templates that keep them coming back.

Again, drag-and-drop is the name of the game here, and that’s about as technical as it ever gets. If you can use your mouse, you can build a solid site with Wix using its large array of features.

As with Weebly, paid extras do exist, but in the majority of cases you should have more than you need at your disposal to get a site that works for you.


Another website builder that has benefited immensely from a heavy marketing campaign, Moonfruit’s biggest draw is the sheer quality of its templates. We’ve seen some really impressive sites designed with Moonfruit, and a few experiments of our own revealed just how simple it is to make finished products that really do stand up against any designed by a pro.

The only drawback here is that if you encounter a problem, you’re pretty much flying solo. Moonfruit don’t offer customer support for their free accounts, but then we found this platform so simple to get the hang of that it’s hard to imagine running into too many obstacles.


Webnodes constantly crops up in lists of the best website builders on the net. This is thanks in large part to its support for eCommerce and media-based websites. Sure, you’re limited to just 10MB for an online shop (100MB for other websites), but if you’re planning to start small, Webnodes has a lot to offer in helping you get your business live on the web.

As your business grows, so too can your website. The paid features offered by Webnodes are worth the investment and in many cases surpass the premium options offered by others on this list.

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